Who has the time to read about hope and inspiration? Isn’t motivation just a bunch of “you can do it!” hype?

Really? Think again (and again). This site was inspired by an intuitive female who’s gone through multi-faceted, extraordinary experiences. We’ve all felt it — love, hopelessness, optimism, pessimism, lightness, darkness and everything in between on personal, professional and spiritual levels. Most people don’t need just two scoops of inspiration and hope, they need three or more.

3 Scoops of Inspiration Blog

Real perspective to change your life. Love your dream. Live your purpose.

Life isn’t about one category alone, so this blog consists of many. Inspirational Seconds is chock full of uplifting tidbits to work more light into your day, shine positivity in your life and maybe one day, discover your true passions and purpose. Mixed perspectives includes a unique viewpoint of diversity, inclusion and prejudice. Tales from the Cube offers humor in the adventures of corporate life while suggesting better practices on leadership, communication and teamwork.

These relateable stories are written with the hope you notice snippets of your own life in them. Pick something out, let it enter your heart and watch your life emit positive change when you act upon your inspiration. This blog will be ever-changing. Want insight on something specific? Let Kristie know!

All content on kristiestocker.com is property of Kinetik Edge LLC under copyright (c) unless otherwise credited.

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