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Don’t should on yourself

What? ANOTHER inspirational blog? Aren’t there enough of “those” sites already? Apparently not. Just look at the local news (or don’t, as I prefer not to). Nowadays, people focus only on the ‘rational’ part of inspirational. Seeing is believing. Lead with the brain. Do what makes sense. There’s no hope. Why try?

I have a few answers for you. Seeing is not just for the eyes. Lead with the soul. Do what makes your heart soar. There’s ALWAYS hope. And, according to Yoda, there is no try.

In my little neck of the woods, I watch a myriad of humans getting caught up in life, or should I say, trapping themselves in it. They allow their heart and soul to take a back seat to pleasing a boss, maintaining status, or making ends meet. They get stuck in the ‘shoulds’ of life whether by comparing themselves to others or letting others do it for them.

You should get a real job. You should have kids. You should get a cat. You should make more money. You should volunteer at church. You should go back to college. You should be more like your brother. You should be a lawyer.

I should be skinnier like her. I should have a bigger house like his. I should be smarter like him. I should be a better softball player like him. I should have well behaved kids like hers. I should be making more money at my age. I should be a vice-president by now.

In the words of Chuck Goetschel, “Don’t let people should on you”. You have a life to live and getting “should on” constantly is a cruddy way to live it, whether you or someone else is doing the shoulding. This blog is designed to show you how one human can go through many, many (many) trials and tribulations in life and with a little support, find hope and a new vitality again. I’ll offer suggestions, bullet points, diagrams, and smoke signals on how you can get life back on track. These are real life perspectives, tried and true. It starts with you tuning out those shoulds and tuning into what you have to offer. No one wants to be should on, so why do it to yourself?





8 thoughts on “Don’t should on yourself”

  1. Love this! Absolutely wonderful, I’ve dealt with so much, yet continue to have strength and piece of mind to continue on a (positive) forward path. Great blog, Sis.

  2. I agree. Follow what inspires you, and lead those who are inspired by you. Responsibility is not made for what you should do, but for you to be true to yourself.

  3. Life is too short and our choices are what drives our happiness. Life is too short not to be HAPPY! Took me a while but if I should do something, it’s because I want to, not because someone else should want me to – otherwise my heart just isn’t in it! You remind me to have purpose everyday!

  4. The pinnacle example of this is staying in a relationship when you don’t really want to! It’s like you don’t want to disappoint others, you feel guilty, feel like you “owe” them something, so you “should” stay. I’ve rationalized that before. Wow…

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