Regardless of your musical preferences, there are innate, relevant messages in song. This is especially true when the musician is genuine, sings from the soul and loves what they do. While busy with deadlines yesterday, I needed some low background music in my headphones. Alicia Keys, an R&B singer, fit the bill. Most times, I barely hear the lyrics since I’m focused on my work, but this time, I was destined to hear them. iTunes rolled onto a song called “Piano & I” which made me smile. Maybe you can relate.

“Whatever stops you from dreamin’, Whatever tries to stop you from livin’
Flip it

Welcome home
‘Cause right now what I have to do, Is I gotta amp myself up as well as you
So, yeah, so what it took me like, maybe two years and sh*t, but I’m feelin’ prepared
You know what I’m sayin’, and I’m feelin’ a little more ready for the world
And less lost, as I once was

So come on. What you waitin’ on?”

Wisdom comes from many sources. Let’s “break it down”. (see what I did there?)

Whatever stops you:
What are the obstacles stopping you from a life you truly want? Finances? Kids? Spouse? Lack of education? More than likely, the big obstacle is you. You can’t get past you and the second-guessing thoughts you have. There are thousands of pages worth of stories on people who overcame financial woes, unsupportive family and not even a high school degree in their hand who have created a legacy of success. You probably thought of a few already. They didn’t have superhuman abilities, they weren’t handed those opportunities at birth and they surely didn’t have anything fall in their lap. The obstacles that stop you from achieving what you know you should be doing with your life: Flip it for good. Make it your reason to pursue your passion, it makes the victory that much sweeter.

I gotta amp up myself:
A successful musician like Alicia has to motivate herself every day as much as the next mortal. There’s no super secret. There’s no special concoction. Keep your eye on the prize and run for it. I didn’t say walk. Believe me, walking is not the way to go as I’ll expand on in the future. Humans need support, love and encouragement when pursuing goals. Even Michael Jordan had a coach to teach and encourage him. Keep that dream in front of you and if it’s your true passion, it will amp up your heart and you’ll want to run for it.

So what it took me 2 years:We’re a microwave society forever in the fast lane. We want success yesterday. Alicia doesn’t chastise herself because she didn’t achieve her dreams as quickly as she thought. So what? If you had a choice to achieve your dream you’ve had your entire life in the year 2015 or not at all, what would you choose? I hope that question was a no-brainer for you. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE wants to be surrounded by family in their last moments of life wishing they had…(fill in the blank). Put yourself aside and start working on that dream one step at a time.

I’m feelin’ a little more ready…and less lost
You are stronger and more capable than you think. You are ready. If you’re lost on how to start, find those who support you and your dreams. Read inspirational blogs like this, ask someone to mentor you, heck, email me! This is your dream we’re talking about! My purpose is to be a master encourager and guide people in changing their life. One of the most influential books I can recommend on finding your purpose is “Simon Says” by Chuck Goetschel. It’s a helpful, interactive guide to help you vividly illustrate and find your passions.

So come on. What you waitin’ on?”
Been there, done that. Never again. Period. There’s a saying that goes, “When you’re traveling to a destination, you don’t wait for all the lights to turn green to start.” Life is life and schtuff happens. How long will you wait until you’re “ready”? Wait until you get that promotion. Wait until you move into that new house. Wait until the kids get older. Wait until you get motivated. Wait until life is absolutely perfect. The only perfect moment to start living your passion is now. That’s the perfect time. Whatever you do, just start. It can be baby steps. Each step is one closer to getting what you really want out of life and you made more progress than not stepping at all. Wouldn’t you like to have a smile plastered on your face every day because you were doing something you were created to do? Yeah, it’s like that.

Thanks Alicia!