Inspirational Seconds

Reinvention can happen at any time

I have an apology to make. My last post was late November. I haven’t written one post since then. I let my blog slip slightly and may have let down 3 Scoops of Inspiration fans. But, there was a lot of progress in my life since then. I’ve done a lot of thinking, goal setting, praying, reflecting, laughing, inspiring, mentoring (taking and giving), crying… In a sense, I was working on reinventing myself. I had goals and knew I’d achieve them, but I let distractions get in the way. Shame on me!

I never lost sight though. I never lost sight of where I’d like to be. I never strayed too far from my chosen life path. I stayed true to what my spirit and Creator were telling me. And that’s a good thing. Goals are set in stone, but plans are set in sand and can change. I dream of one day being a powerful inspirational speaker, traveling and touching lives around the country. There’s no doubt in my mind I’ll achieve this, but today… today that dream came one step closer.

In my “standby” time off blogging, I’ve concentrated on being an active member of a local Toastmasters club. Toastmasters is an international speaking and leadership club that’s been in existence since 1924 and helps those looking to improve their public speaking skills. In my short 6 months, I’ve met the most supportive and positive people who genuinely care about your success. Barely knowing anything, some folks took me under their wing and taught me about meetings, rules and certifications. I practiced more speeches and was encouraged to enter the Club contest. I had no clue what the contest was about, but took a leap of faith. I won 1st place in the Club contest. What an honor! Tonight I competed in the Area contest and walked away with first place again! The competing speakers were great, it was tough competition. Again, I met wonderful people who came out of the woodwork to congratulate me.

I don’t write this to brag about winning a contest. I was inspired to write because of the feeling it gave me. Tonight, Kristie was reinvented. Life took on a whole different level. I strayed out to the unknown and relied on my fellow Toastmasters to guide me along the process. I did something different, something brand-new and it left me with true inspiration and a new lease on life. People were inspired, touched and moved by my message. Doing something you feel called to do is the most inspirational, spirit moving thing you can do. You’re in your “zone”. Tonight, I got a taste of my ultimate goal as a speaker and it was delicious.

When did you last seek that spark in your life to jump-start your passion? When was the last time you felt a victory in life? When did you last picture your greatest results? Can you see yourself doing what you love? Do you envision what that’ll feel like? If you’re looking at your goals and dreams as a far away fairy tale, maybe it’s time to shake it up a bit and reinvent yourself. Take time to reflect, laugh and just “be”. Revisit those goals and take a different path toward achieving them if your current one isn’t getting you there.

There’s no rule in life that says you can’t change and reinvent yourself. Take the time to inspire yourself. Change is a good thing especially when considering your true passion. Do something out of the ordinary. Take that leap of faith outside your comfort zone. When you’re holding that personal victory in your hands, you’ll be glad you did. I promise.

Note: My speech topic was from a previous 3 Scoops of Inspiration post: Choosy Minds Choose Choice


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