You’ve seen it. Some people brighten a room when they enter it; others when they leave. This points directly to attitude and presence. On the heels of my Thermolicious post, I felt to back up to the point before you even enter the room or conversation. This pertains to any social or professional setting, but today we’ll use it in on the job.

What NOT to do


Darkeners walk into a room with a sour face filled with nothing positive to say. They bring the rain clouds and shower everyone with gloom. Complaining, criticizing and condemning are on their agenda. There’s no light, no warmth. People put on jackets because the feeling they bring is so chilly. Bleck.

What TO do


Brighteners walk into the room with a bright smile and a spring in their step. They readily greet others and bring a sense of comfort to the room. They’re complimenting and encouraging others. The light they emit is refreshing and contagious. The room is so bright, everyone’s putting on shades. Nice.

People like being around those that bring out the best in them. I’m sure you do too. Don’t you just love those times you’re having a chaotic day and someone walks in with a smile and nice compliment for you? It may not instantly change your situation, but I’d bet it makes you feel a bit better. You hold your head a little higher and enjoy their warm presence. You can easily be that person for others. Being a Brightener doesn’t mean you have to know everyone or be a chatterbox. A simple smile, a pat on the back or a compliment goes a long way.

I’m a social creature, so I like uplifting people. When I learned this technique, I make it a habit every time I’m in a meeting or social gathering. Several days ago, after a meeting, one colleague made it a point to say “Kristie, you always bring radiance to the room”.  That’s when I responded with “Some people brighten a room when they enter it; others when they leave.” He nodded and smiled. Next time, I know he’ll do the same.

Attitudes are catchy. Do you want people to catch yours?

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