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Want to know one of the biggest secrets behind high achievers? They had an AWESOME mentor to guide them.

3 Scoops of Success: Create Your Sweet Life

An ultimate experience to help get professionals unstuck from a ‘meh’ routine to a mind-blowing, rock-your-A-game lifestyle once again.

3 Scoops of Success: Create Your Sweet Life is the essential program for high potential professionals like you who desire explosive success – like yesterday. But there’s always stuff getting in the way, right? You have zero time to concentrate on your health, social life, career and all those things high achievers dream of. You’ve hit the brick wall of life and it sucks. What if you could magically get more time in your life AND achieve those cool things you’ve been putting off for far too long? Wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake?

Let me guess, you’re…

    • Stuck in a job that doesn’t light your fire anymore?
    • Have zero time to do the things you want to do?
    • Daydreaming of doing that thing you’re truly passionate about?
    • Not using your true talents at work?
    • Waking up every day wondering if things will ever slow down?
    • Lacking a social life? What’s a social life??
    • Wanting to break out and up your A-game?
    • Feeling like your life is out of control and unbalanced?
    • Stuck in a rut?

All of the above? Be stuck no more!

Dear Success Seeker,

I know you’re highly motivated to have a more balanced, successful life. You’re worth more than what you’re doing right now. You have untapped talents and you crave the freedom, money, time and recognition to lead a life of no regrets. Your time is now and you can’t go one more day running around with nothing to show for it, but somehow life got in the way.

You woke up one day and found life was passing you by at the speed of light. Life isn’t horrible, but it’s definitely not what you’d hoped. You’re not where you want to be in your career, relationships, health or financial status. You have no time for anything. You’re sick and tired of feeling stuck. Every day is a struggle to turn off the alarm clock and wake up to work that’s draining you. All you want is to live life on YOUR terms by doing things YOU want to do, buying the finer things YOU want and achieving that balanced life. Is that too much to ask?? Nope!

You crave:

  • More time with your family and friends
  • More time, period!
  • Freedom to take that vacation when you want to
  • To jump out of a bed for a career you love
  • More energy that doesn’t require caffeine
  • A more balanced life
  • A higher level of financial status
  • Leadership skills to put you on the career map
  • More time!
  • Confidence to break the fear that’s been holding you back
  • A healthier lifestyle
  • A customized, step by step process that will actually work and get you lifetime results

But ultimately, living a sweet life full of energy, balance and success!

If you happen to package it all up and add a magazine cover to top off living life in the fast lane with no regrets, that wouldn’t be so bad either.

The real scoop (no artificial ingredients included):

You know deep down you’re not satisfied with what life has thrown at you.

You’re probably one of two people:

1) You know what you want from life, but have no clue how to get it, OR…
2) You’re not sure what lights your fire and need guidance to get there.

Either way, you’re not where you want to be.


  • You’re in a well paying job, but it does nothing for you and sucks the life out of you. (No one wants that.)
  • You’re in a career you love, but want to move up the success ladder
  • Time is slipping away and you’re wondering what you’ve really done in life
  • It irks you to not spend time on your priorities like family, friends, health and spirituality
  • You’re running, running, running and can’t catch up with everything
  • You know in your heart you’re meant for way more

Next year, will anything change? How about 3 years from now? How about ever? Or, will you be right where you are now? (ouch) Life is too short not to live it the way you want—to feel stuck every day, to feel like “Is this it???”. That ends today.


Welcome to your NEW life filled with tons of time, less stress, more choices, a career you love and feeling alive. Feels good to say that, right? It’s exhilarating, refreshing and downright exciting to change your life into something you dreamt of years ago. And I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Too good to be true? Nope—totally possible! As CEO of Kinetik Edge, LLC and with 20 years of corporate experience, I influence individuals and groups to get big results now. People consider me the expert in taking on new challenges, breaking through fears and getting results. That’s just what I do. Every day. I bring decades of leadership, motivation and adversity crushing experience with a long line of results to prove my successes. After our work together, my clients: felt more balanced, have more time, won leadership awards, have been promoted and aren’t afraid to conquer the world.

This is my passion because I was once like you.
The dream: To live in a huge house, drive cars that turned heads, become a world-renowned influencer, work an awesome career that made big bucks, jet set around the world and hang out with friends and family anytime I wanted. I was told to go to college, get a good job, make good money and buy a nice house. I did that. I worked in one of the largest corporations in the state, sat on the board of multiple regional and national non-profits and ran two at-home businesses. Most people would call that successful, right? Busy people are successful people, right? Spoiler alert: NOT! Reality: Success is NOT being so busy on things that don’t make you happy. Success is NOT when you’re so time poor you don’t know which way you’re going anymore.

I averaged 4 hours of sleep a night for 3 years and to this day, I had no clue how I was still standing. It eventually caught up with me. I was tired all the time, had no energy, felt unbalanced and had no way out. The worst part was, I thought this was totally normal! This is what society teaches us, right? Until I read a story on waiting too long to live your life. You hear it all the time: Live life to the fullest. Life is short. Live the dream!

But this time, it hit me like a freight train. What did I have to show for my life? Had I accomplished the things I always wanted? What happened to those goals I set so long ago? Did I have that cool car and big house? Was I helping thousands of people? Was I on track to make the big bucks? Nope, no, no way, not even close and sadly, NOPE.

After I freaked out realizing I was nowhere close to where I wanted to be, I promised myself my new life started that day. This was MY life and I was going to live it on MY terms. From that point, it was game on. Did I know 100% how I was going to get there? No. Did I have it all planned out? No. Was I scared of the unknown? Are you kidding me? Heck YES! But I was motivated. I know the excruciating pain of waking up and watching everyone else succeed and wonder why not me? I know what it’s like to feel stuck with no way out. I know what it’s like to throw aside your dream of a highly successful life. But I was done with that. Since I wanted a no-regrets life, I got very focused on my goals, took out things that slowed me down and have been full speed ever since.

Once the switch was flipped, everything changed. I “magically” had way more time in my life, got out of debt, took more vacations, gained leadership recognition and saw my family and friends more. Everyone has the same 24 hours to work with, so how did I do it? That’s exactly what I’ll share with you. My techniques completely transformed my life and my client’s lives. It’s your turn and your time. No more putting this off because of the house, the kids, the job, the whatever. You get one chance at this thing called life. Don’t you dare wake up one day saying, “I wish I had…”.

It’s your time to:
• wake up with energy every day to do what you love
• get that well-rounded life
• finally go after that passion and ditch your unfulfilling job
• get that status level that affords you a sweet lifestyle
• travel when you want, how you want
• get so much time back in your life, your family will wonder how you did it
• give yourself permission to take success to the next level
• relight that spark in your life and fly out of that rut!

I know you’re ready. Why? Because you avoid using four letter words like can’t, don’t and won’t. You refuse to be like the others who say:
• I’m not sure I can do this
• I don’t have a college degree
• I don’t have time
• I’ll never have my dream life
• That’s impossible.
That stuff is NOT in your vocabulary! 3 Scoops of Success: Create Your Sweet Life was created just for you!

All of the benefits, none of the calories

3 Scoops of Success: Create Your Sweet Life coaching program is not your typical coaching program. You’ll learn how to become a fear-crushing, goal-exceeding, excuse-breaking achiever on your way to a life you’ve put off for too long. You’ll springboard over your obstacles like Superman over a tall building. You’ll laugh in the face of adversity (and learn how to use it as a secret weapon). You’ll run for goals like an Olympic track star. After you become a rock star in success thinking, you’ll see creating a sweet lifestyle doesn’t have to be overly serious and boring.

Success is an experience, not a destination. The more fun you have on your journey, the more motivating it is to keep that success level high. When the success level is high, you achieve more. When you achieve more, you’re happy. When you’re happy, you spread the positivity to others and they become happy. When everyone’s happy, we have world peace! Did we just claim this program can solve world peace? (Legal disclaimer, no we didn’t, but wouldn’t that be cool?) Want more benefits?

How about:
• More confidence in your skills, decision making and choices
• The ability to knock out negative thinking as soon as it arrives
• Gain an “anything is possible” mindset
• Spending more time the way you want to
• Feeling more balanced and in control of your life
• Learning how to shut down and control stress
• Opening yourself up to opportunities and relationships you never thought possible
• Figuring out what you were created to do and then doing it

Seriously focused, fun success is the name of the game. You won’t even know you’re on the verge of the most awesome life ever with how much fun you’ll have! Let’s do this!

Use this 16-week program for ultimate goal setting

Check out all the stuff you’ll learn in 16 weeks when you register for 3 Scoops of Success:
True Purpose: It’s such a nebulous word, but maybe that’s the problem. Not enough people truly look inside at what their true purpose is. If it is found, they don’t act on it. Get ready, because we’ll dive head first into this through our unique proven process and internationally recognized assessments. Once you discover your path, everything becomes clearer and it’s game on!

Mindset Overhaul: A main reason why people don’t succeed is purely psychological. It’s all in your mind. Boost the mind, boost the results. We’re going to lay out all the reasons you’re not currently succeeding. Then you’re going to crush that unproductive way of thinking and get yourself on the right track. No more excuses—no more putting it off. You’ll learn techniques to keep your thoughts, decisions and actions running like a well-oiled ice cream machine.

Time Management: This is a biggie. Many people say they have “no time” as if they have no choice in the matter. You’ll learn strategies that will magically reveal how much time you actually have for a life you want. Imagine having more time to spend with family, friends, or yourself. How about time to just breathe and enjoy life? It’s totally possible and right in front of you.

Goal Setting: How can you build an awesome life if you don’t know where you’re going? You’ll have a clear direction for your life with our personalized process on setting and achieving goals. Most everything will revolve around getting those goals done correctly and quickly.

Community: You’ll be immersed in a community of other professionals going through similar dreams, struggles and victories. Meet new people, build genuine relationships and connect with those who can relate to you. You never know what awesome tidbits and lifelong friendships you’ll get from others.

Those are just a few things in store for you!

Ingredients to your success

Ready for results? Good! Here’s how you’ll unleash positive change in 16 weeks:

Personal, one on one support. You have me every step of the way.

  • Weekly live phone sessions to ask all your burning questions and keep you on track
  • Email access to me, for answers and guidance in-between sessions

Success Training. Where results happen.

  • Proven, internationally recognized assessments that offer insight and guidance into the real you
  • Customized action plans, worksheets and activities each week to get you unstuck
  • Focused checkpoints to make sure you stay on track
  • Connect with other professionals through our Facebook forum for inspiration and education.

Let’s do this!

3 Scoops of Success was made for professionals committed to creating their sweet life of excellence and is available by application only.

Book your private FREE strategy call directly with Kristie and let’s see how we can help you get unstuck.

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