Transform your high-achievers into

purpose-driven, rockstar leaders

to create a competitive advantage

Cutting-edge solutions for firms craving to keep their best people and build strong leadership bench strength to boost the bottom line.

The revolving door of amazing talent is a serious issue many accounting and tech firms struggle with.

Employees want to work with a strong and compassionate leadership team, but organizations are falling short in a massive way — and it shows.

Smart C-suite executives know they need to get their high-potential employees ready to step into leadership to continue the business, but they’re maxed out on time and so is their team. They have a decent book of business, but they want a larger edge over the competition, giant profit margins and a company that can withstand the tough times.


Hello engagement, goodbye turnover

It’s time to get your people leadership-ready now. Kristie Stocker’s proven techniques and uncanny ability to influence high-achievers will transform your people into the purpose-driven leadership team you crave.


Your firm needs to get your employees leadership-ready & up for the challenge. 


You’re a high achiever who craves more time, balance and explosive success.


You need an energetic, memorable speaker who moves your audience into action.


Meet Kristie Stocker

Kristie works with innovative firms to transform their high achievers into confident rockstar leaders.

She is a leadership consultant, success coach & keynote speaker dedicated to transforming the accounting and tech industries from within. When you combine her extensive experience working for multi-billion dollar corporations with her award-winning keynotes to thousands of audience members — you get an energetic problem-solver ready to build your competitive advantage.


* These are just a few words raving clients use to describe working with Kristie.

I just listened to Kristie give her presentation on leadership and personalities which is a great way to frame out the importance not just of leadership but its applicability to our profession in finance and accounting. I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to work with Kristie to bring them into the team, especially where you want to bring the team closer together, or where you might be having issues.

— Christian Cuzick

Vice-President of Finance, Johnson & Johnson

“The experience today was exhilarating! What I learned today and the experience I had exceeded my expectations. Phenomenal job Kristie!”

— Greg B.

Risk & Financial Advisory Senior Manager, Deloitte


“I greatly appreciate your coming and sharing with our group. I have attended probably seven or so of these annual conferences and your presentation is one of my favorites, that I both enjoyed and felt that I can use everyday, even outside of business.”

— Richard Stinehart

CFO, Grand Haven Steel Products

It’s no secret…

Research has shown a higher percentage of employees are expecting more from their company’s culture.

They want more challenging work, opportunities to grow and for leadership to take an interest in their professional development. It’s absolutely crucial for organizations to have a strong leadership pipeline that can continually bring up the next level of leaders. And it can’t be a sub-par pipeline.

The leaders you develop must be ready to motivate, empower and influence a team. If not, your best employees could pursue their career at your competition. No one wants that.

Learn how to boost your competitive leadership advantage quickly!

Do you want to grow as a confident leader, but not sure where to start? Successful people are highly resourceful and if you’re not using what you have, you’re falling behind.

Create detailed action steps and discover those hidden advantages to achieve higher levels of success. That’s the key to real leadership growth!

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