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Cutting-edge leadership solutions designed for companies that want to be (and stay) on top

If your firm wants to retain your best people, increase profits, create high-performing teams and fuel passionate leaders, you’re in the right place.

Questions you may have asked yourself…

Why are our high-performers leaving?

How will I find time to train our employees to be the next level of leaders?

Where do I even start in getting my people leadership-ready? 

How do I stop this revolving door of turnover?

How can I increase profits and boost our productivity?

What can I do to advance our business strategies and increase our bench strength?

How can I save money by retaining the team I have now and avoiding exorbitant new-hire costs?

Now imagine this amazing ripple effect

Your team members feel like a real, valuable part of your company. They’re much happier working with purpose-driven and compassionate leaders. Employees have clear expectations, come to their job happy and productivity goes through the roof. Your company gets a reputation for being a good employer and turns the heads of super high-achievers who want to work at your organization. Your leadership pipeline is strong and the firm’s legacy looks bright.

Like magic, your company has less turnover, keeps your top talent and saves a BOAT LOAD of money because you’re not constantly hiring. Customers are happy, bring more business and tell their friends because they’re proud to work with a company that has strong values and rock star leadership to back it up.

This isn’t a pipe dream, it can be a reality when you work with us

We help companies just like yours create those amazing outcomes. It’s no secret, hundreds of research reports state when you invest more in your employees’ professional development, your employees want to work harder for your organization. When they work harder and perform better, that brings in a slew of results!

Retaining top talent = higher performance and productivity

Higher productivity = delivering results quicker

Quicker delivery = happier clients

Happier clients = repeat business

Repeat business = higher profit margin and increased revenue

More revenue= investing back into the organization and its people and away you go!

Are you ready to take your employees to the next level?


About the program

Leadertrak™ flagship group program built to get your high-achievers ready to confidently step up into a leadership role. This is a transformational experience filled with multiple avenues of learning to ensure long-lasting results.

Who is it for?

While we specialize in working with professionals in the accounting and tech fields, Leadertrak™ is for any individual contributor who will be promoted soon or a new leader who has recently been assigned direct-reports. We know how important bench strength is to the legacy and efficacy of an organization. We take the time to work closely with your high-potential employees, so you can spend more time on your business.

What’s included?

We believe everyone is different and retains knowledge in various ways. This is why we have multiple avenues for your employees to learn. All of our levels of Leadertrak™ include personalized live group coaching, strategic work sessions, a robust on-demand virtual learning portal, full access to our vault of tools and resources, pre- and post- program assessments and 24/7 email support. Your employees will have a high level of support throughout the entire experience, so they can grow quicker and confidently.

Can you customize it?

Yes! Leadertrak™ can be customized to your company’s unique needs and business practices. We ensure that what your employees learn will align with your firm’s strategies, goals and future. No two companies are the same, which is why we offer three levels of Leadertrak™: Essentials, Pro and Elite. This allows ultimate flexibility no matter the size of your firm.

At the end of the program, employees will:

Manage their transition from individual contributor to leader

Have a stronger sense of confidence in their role at the organization

Develop a genuinely engaged, stronger team that accomplishes more in less time

Relate to others who are different than their own personality, minimizing conflict

Communicate clearer and more effectively with anyone they’re working with

Empower their team members to encourage more innovation and creative problem-solving

Cultivate a resilient and positive mindset to create a magnetic team culture

Know how to handle unexpected challenges and failures with ease

Create a powerful sense of purpose that aligns with their personal and professional life

Become goal-focused with clear direction on how to perform efficiently at higher levels

Develop a stronger passion for their work

Recognize their leadership style and the strengths of their team members

Are you ready to take your employees to the next level?


"I joined Create Your Sweet Life because I was hoping to find different things that were missing from my life that this program would help me regain or add back. I definitely didn’t know exactly what that looked like for me, but I knew I needed someone who had the expertise and the guidance and the knowledge that Kristie had that would help me get there."

I knew I didn’t want to go down the same path I’d been down. Also I just turned 50 and  it was a very critical year for me and it caused me to rethink and refocus on my life. It causes you to look back, where have you been and look at where you want to go and I knew there was some things that needed to change in my life. That meant, I needed more balance, I needed a lot more direction and focus. And I wanted more time for me and more time for my friends and family and things that are really important. Work is very meaningful and very important to me too, however, I need all aspects of my life and that was an area I felt like I was really not giving enough to.

For me, what I’ve gotten from this program is so much more than I could’ve ever imagined it would’ve been. I am not the same person I was a year ago by any means. Previously, I think I was just getting through the day—just trying to make it from start to finish, but maybe really not living each day to the fullest as I could be. I have gotten things identified for me that I was looking for in life that are really important: setting goals—not just short-term goals, but long-term goals and how to develop those, how to create those. Focusing on what’s important each day and every day and that helps. Even when you have a tough day as we all will have, it helps put it back in perspective for refocus. Kristie, you have helped calm my nerves a lot during this program and have “talked me off the ledge” many times when I’ve had some tough days and tough times. I always feel better when we finish with our coaching call. I also enjoy the community as well. We share so much in this space, it’s very confidential, very private and you recognize other people get what you’re going through and we’re in this together.

The major insight I got was resilience—definitely not to give up. And if it doesn’t work the way you hoped it had, for that day or that week, or that month, it doesn’t mean you can’t get back on track. In fact, when you pick back up, it may be even better than what you produced before.  Trying to be positive helps me through this program. I’m learning each day. Each day there’s something beneficial that we get to live. It may not always be as obvious to us., but there’s something we’re going to get out of that day that helps us put tools in our toolkit for the future. It’s also helped me recognize what’s most important and most valuable to me. And I have a road map that I never would have had before. I would’ve had a little piece of it here and there, but not to the level that this program has provided. Every step of the way, it’s been extremely beneficial.

And even if I thought I might have had that road map figured out or written down, Kristie is really good about pushing us, so that we don’t stop, we don’t just go “Ok, I’m good”.  It’s been very encouraging and tough, but in a good way, not a bad way! And it’s exactly what I wanted and needed from a coach who’s going to push me and make me work really hard. It’s been the program that I needed. It’s been extremely important and I cannot thank you enough Kristie, for pushing me even when I didn’t feel like it that day, you still did it and I needed it.

Working with Kristie has been amazing for me. Kristie is so energetic, engaged in the conversations with us and knowledgeable of so many different things. She’s well read and knows topics about most anything that we bring up and if not, she’ll google it or find a book from her nifty bookcase that she can incorporate into this program. I had the sense I wasn’t alone. I never felt alone and if I ever needed anything anytime, I could just email her or message her and Kristie would respond sometimes within minutes. I always felt I could get an answer to a question or anything I needed. If I needed encouragement, I would get that. Sometimes she would just check in with me and would say “I know you really had a lot going on with such and such, how did that go?” I could not be more happy with Kristie as a coach. I’ve referred her to many people who I know they need coaches in their life and hopefully they’ll be able to do that. And hopefully they select Kristie.

I would definitely recommend Kristie for a coaching program.  I think this is the best program that’s  available. The reason I would suggest Kristie is because this is a program like none other. I wanted to create my sweet life. I have done that, I’m still doing that I will always be doing that and I will not stop doing that. And as a result of this incredible coaching program  I am not the same person.  I don’t want to look back where I came from, I want to move forward each day. I have such great tools, ideas and resources at my fingertips now that I never could have ever imagined. I would recommend that you definitely select Kristie for your journey, to create your sweet life and to find out what you’ve been missing all this time. Don’t wait. Don’t wait another 6 months or another year to start this program. Do it now. Do it for you. It’s the biggest and best investment you can do for yourself.

I would definitely suggest that you enlist in this program with Kristie.  Do that as soon as you can—it will change your life. I am so different today than I was a year ago in every aspect of my life.I could not be more pleased with any other program. I am not the same person. I don’t want to look back where I came from, I want to move forward each day. I have such great tools, ideas and resources at my fingertips now that I never could have ever imagined. I would recommend that you definitely select Kristie for your journey, to create your sweet life and to find out what you’ve been missing all this time. Don’t wait. Don’t wait another 6 months or another year to start this program. Do it now. Do it for you. It’s the biggest and best investment you can do for yourself.

Melissa Hoeschen, CCP, PHR

Sr. Director in HR Consulting, ALSAC/St. Jude


"I joined the coaching mastermind to understand how to be an entrepreneur and to determine which business venture I will pursue to have a sweet life."

I was challenged with a lack of vision, fear of failure, not knowing what to do and not believing in myself. I received so many benefits like, encouragement, direction, understanding purpose, leadership skills and confidence. I learned to create and go after your happiness, and remove things that are not beneficial to reaching your goal. I discovered that I hold the key to my success. I must have confidence in myself and my craft. Constantly second guessing yourself will create doubt and lack of movement. Celebrate the wins and learn the power of saying No!!! 

Kristie is an awesome spirit whose goal is to help you live the life that you are destined to live. What I like best about working with Kristie is her ability to change the way you think. Kristie always sees the glass as half full versus half empty. Even on your darkness day Kristie always can find a way to brighten it and encourage you to keep pressing on.

Create Your Sweet Life is a great program to jump start any goal you have in life. CYSL will help you confront the barriers that is prohibiting you from taking the leap of faith in pursuing your dreams.

David Logan

Senior Project Manager, Rocket Mortgage


"I worked with Kristie because I wanted to be more true to myself by aligning my life purpose with goals and accomplishments."

Also I wanted to be highly productive and stick to my goals more. Working with Kristie enabled me to be high achiever, find my life purpose, be more specific in selecting my goals and achieve them faster. I realized that perfectionism is the enemy of achievement. I also figured out that I have to find grace in all difficulties I’m facing and to accept myself more in order to achieve my goals. She was very insightful. 

I REALLY like Kristie’s positive energy — her ability to lift other people up is unique. I would be motivated to achieve more every time I met with her. Also I like how she’s always approachable and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend this program. Kristie follows a robust method to help others reach higher and become a better person. Anyone who would like to pursue personal development or want to be a high achiever and live a happy life should join this program.

Aseel Al Ezzi, PMP, MBA

IT Delivery Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

VIP Performance Boost

About the program

Our solution reserved for those who desire a one-on-one, exclusive experience. This is a highly-personalized approach with a focus on the individual’s leadership challenges and needs. Spots are limited in this intensive to provide a high level of attention, so the professional can achieve transformational results.

Who is it for?

VIP Performance Boost is ideal for any level leader, especially those who’ve been managing people for over 5 years. This personal experience is designed for those craving to uplevel their leadership skills and provide an enhanced working relationship with their team.

What’s included?

You get our highest level of consulting support to get the answers you need so you can move forward quicker. VIP Performance Boost includes private and personalized live coaching, unlimited 24/7 email support, full access to our vault of tools and resources plus pre- and post- program assessments. Unlike other one-on-one programs, we don’t place quantity limits on how many times we meet. Our focus is to get you going in the right direction — no matter what.


The topic focus will vary depending on the individual, but by the end of the program, employees will:

 Cultivate a resilient and positive mindset

Create a strong sense of purpose that aligns with their personal and professional life

Strengthen their self-leadership skills for more consistency

Have a stronger sense of confidence in their role at the organization

Accomplish more in less time

Know how to handle unexpected challenges and failures with ease

Develop a stronger passion for their work

Gain clear direction on how to perform efficiently at higher levels

Focus on goal creation and achievement

Are you ready to take your employees to the next level?

Why work with us?

We love working with firms looking to grow their people even if they’ve tried “leadership training” before.

What sets us apart is we don’t do ‘surface-level’. You’re in a people business and our proven system is built to go deep into the individual, their needs, motivators and what makes them tick. When you discover that, you can bring out the best in everyone, every time. When we unlock the passions of your people, they get engaged, feel valued and are excited to go to work.

We truly listen to you and your team, discover the root of the issues and coach your high-achievers on an individual, human level — not just as another student in the room. This individual-centric approach is what keeps our clients coming back.

What to look for in a leadership program

Saves your time

The whole reason for partnering with an expert is they’re great at what they do and you’re great at what you do. When you play to their strengths, the expert can handily get your people leadership-ready while you continue working in the business. This not only saves you A LOT of time and headaches but avoids asking your other teammates to coach them who may also be maxed out on time or not have the skill set to do it. Yes, you want to be involved in your team’s growth, but if the program requires an exorbitant amount of your time, it defeats the purpose.

Provides long-lasting transformation

People don’t become purpose-driven rockstar leaders with a one and done approach. Beware of programs promising amazing leaders in a day. Leveling-up a leadership journey is a personal process that requires a solid mindset, consistency and a lot of other aspects that take time to cultivate. Look for programs that offer support for your people well after the core program is finished. Ongoing coaching and guidance is key to create leadership skills that stick. Without periodic mentoring or refreshers, much knowledge can be lost and doesn’t get passed down to the next generation of leaders.

Saves your money

Cost-savings is a driving factor in a majority of business decisions. Yes, you want to see your employees thrive and find passion in their work, but the company still needs to keep its doors open. The program should produce the results you want, so you can avoid spending in other places like constant new-hire training, recruiting, and other factors. A program that doesn’t yield a strong ROI is not an investment in your people or company, it’s just a high-priced expense.

Works around your schedule

Rigidity is great for skyscrapers, but in business, those who are flexible are most successful. A program should work WITH your firm, not against it. Industries have different “busy seasons” and understanding the best time to develop the team is key. With remote work, hybrid work, and companies operating in several time zones, without flexibility, the program won’t be effective.

Tailors to your firm’s needs

People and companies are NOT cookie-cutter, so why should your professional development program be? There should be a proven system in place as the backbone, but have enough room for personalized customization, so it can align with your unique business strategies, challenges, and initiatives. Have something specific you need your people to practice? It should be included! A program that doesn’t reflect a firm’s culture will do nothing for employee engagement levels.

Works as a partner, not a vendor

No one likes to be treated like a number or a paycheck. When you hire an expert, they should show a genuine interest in being a team-player, a partner in finding the perfect solution for your challenges. Their reputation should be built on trust, transparency and a passion to help your firm come out on top. It’s a team you’ll want side-by-side with you to get the results you crave. A so-called expert who’s motivated by a paycheck alone and doesn’t have your company’s and employees’ best interests in mind is questionable at best.

What’s at stake?

It’s not just about numbers. Majority of accounting and technical professionals want to be more creative and they want to make a difference.

They’re also tired of being led by people who don’t understand how to mentor them, grow them or lead them. Employees aren’t leaving companies, they’re leaving the lack of leadership strength. This happens in all industries, but has become especially prevalent over the last several years in the accounting and technical fields.

High achievers want to know their talents are put to good use and want more than just a paycheck.

They want their skills to be used to the max AND they want to keep learning. They’re not happy doing the same thing over and over for years—they have much more to offer. They want to grow, be challenged and contribute more and they want a firm that knows this and delivers in kind. They want more out of their career, not to just sit behind a desk like a number pumping out information. They want their work to matter and if they’re not getting it, they’ll move on or worse, become disengaged. If they’re in a stagnant place, they’ll use their feet right out the door to say what they think.

Are you ready to take your employees to the next level?

If you want to keep your organization moving in the right direction without the drama of disengaged employees and high turnover, now’s the time to develop your people.

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