Kristie's Story

Helping driven professionals become
the excuse-breaking, fear-crushing,
goal-exceeding achievers they want to be.

This is how she rolls…

What do you get when you mix one part energetic problem solver, with a generous portion of leadership expertise and a sprinkle of marathon running? You get Kristie Stocker — an award-winning professional speaker, success coach and leadership expert.

Kristie is CEO of Kinetik Edge, a coaching and training company, that specializes in helping accounting professionals and executives boost profits and productivity by strengthening their leadership advantage. Kristie comes with nearly 20 years of experience in a marketing and communications background for a large corporation, so she knows a thing or three about working with different personalities, various teams and differing opinions (all under crazy deadlines).

She has spent nearly 15 years teaching and mentoring driven professionals how to advance their self-leadership skills and take their success to unbelievable levels. She’s better known to her clients as the expert in helping them become excuse-breaking, fear-crushing, goal-exceeding achievers.

Her claim to fame is a seemingly never-ending (mostly non-caffeinated) supply of energy because fun is the name of her game. When she’s not training for her next race, traveling to new adventures or coaching high-achieving professionals and companies, she’s helping audience members create seriously fun success.

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