“I believe every driven professional can become an excuse-breaking, fear-crushing, goal-exceeding leader who lives their purpose, transforms their life and changes the world.”

Whether you want to hold a transformational event, grow your leadership skills or get your high-achievers leadership-ready, you’re in the right place. Kristie believes working at the intersection of purpose, leadership and high performance is the proven formula for a highly successful company and life. This formula is the secret to her clients’ explosive results.

Kristie makes event planners look like heroes for hiring a high-energy, yet empathetic speaker who provides clear action steps to apply instantly. She helps driven professionals around the country create thriving businesses or uplevel their corporate leadership journey. She works with firms to gain a competitive edge and build that leadership pipeline they so desperately need.

No matter where you’re at, if average isn’t your style, join us in making you, your event or your company a mind-blowing success!

Kristie’s mission is clear: to create the largest community of highly successful, confident and purpose-driven leaders on the planet.

The result: Lives are exponentially changed, businesses thrive and happiness is everywhere.

Be part of the mission!

About Kristie

Energetic problem-solver. Leadership consultant. Marathon runner. Positive thinker.

Kristie is CEO of Kinetik Edge LLC, a leadership and performance-boosting company that works with driven professionals and companies to build a highly profitable and unshakeable leadership edge over the competition.

Kristie comes with 20 years of past experience in marketing and communications for a multi-billion dollar corporation, so she knows a thing or three about creating teams that crush goals, retaining loyal clients and attracting (and keeping) the best talent. Her clients have built thriving companies, won leadership awards, been promoted (several levels), designed passionate team culture and attracted more profitable business.

Kristie has spoken to thousands on stages across the country including international associations and Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Her claim to fame is a seemingly never-ending (mostly non-caffeinated) supply of energy because fun is the name of her game.

When she’s not conducting leadership retreats or helping clients create a purpose-filled leadership life, she’s training for her next race, traveling the world or playing with her Ibizan Hound.

Kristie’s specialty

Kristie is especially passionate about working with professionals in the accounting and tech industries.

Business trends have shown people in these fields get all the technical skills training, but don’t gain the crucial leadership-ready guidance like those in other fields. She understands what these high-achievers need and knows how to transform them into the confident leaders they want to be. Her program framework and proven techniques have helped these professionals world-wide successfully step up their leadership prowess.

The 7 things we value to the core

Trust is serious business

There’s a reason trust is at the top of our core values. To make a powerful transformation in people’s lives and cutting-edge companies, it starts here. We trust each other with our ideas and concerns and count on each other to work for the greater good. Our reputation is built on being a trustworthy, reliable partner who delivers and we intend to keep it that way.

What you see is what you get

We’re not big on being fake — transparency is where it’s at. We offer guidance and solutions with true honesty and openness. We don’t do hidden agendas or motives — just us working together for a higher level of success. We see that as a breath of fresh air.

Say the thing, do the thing

Integrity means doing the right thing for the customer, ALWAYS — regardless of financial gain. We work toward a higher ethical code. If it’s not right or honest, we don’t do it. Period.

Serving up over-the-top results

Our definition of excellence is giving an all-out effort everyone can be proud of. We deliver above-and-beyond service because we don’t do half-baked stuff. We constantly push and grow ourselves to be the most awesome we can be, so we can serve on a mind-blowing level.

Treating others like family

Community is the key to empowerment and creating a positive change in the world. Our clients are partners and teammates — humans that have real thoughts, concerns and goals. We’re all in this together as one team, working for one awesome purpose where everyone has a voice.

Problem solving with perspective

Creativity is being unafraid to suggest a different, approach to serve others. Big solutions are always top of mind. We reinvent the box, because, why not? All approaches and ideas are welcome. Bold, edgy thinking is super cool.

Freedom to be light hearted

Boring and stuffy isn’t our style — positivity and fun is. Smiles and laughs are magnetic and break barriers because teams that play together stay together. People become unstoppable when they’re happy and enjoying the journey. If you’re allergic to fun, we’re not your cup of strawberry-mango smoothie.

Everyone has a story. But stories with valuable experiences and first-hand knowledge are the ones that can change lives and the world.

Here’s Kristie’s story in her own words:

“I’ve been a pretty driven person since the first grade. I literally freaked out if I didn’t get an ‘A’ on something. I graduated in the top 4% of my high school, awarded summa cum laude for my associate’s degree and then cum laude for my bachelor’s. I served in nearly every top leadership role imaginable in my school career and while in my sophomore year, even coached other students on improving their speaking and leadership skills. When I started working for a multi-billion dollar company, I already planned how I’d move up the leadership ladder. Plus I ran my own marketing business from home, so I was set!”

Or so I thought.

While I excelled in corporate communications, leading teams and creating happy clients, I got too busy with “all the things” and burned out quickly. I wasn’t connecting with my true love of coaching and speaking, so it took a toll on my mindset, energy and motivation. Eager to change, I mentored under multi-millionaires, international speakers, entrepreneurs, authors and everyone in between.

Then I became a mentor.

I reimagined what it really took to level up in leadership and taught these concepts to other driven professionals. I realized when you focus your personal and professional sides into a passionate purpose, you win. Every time. Time management, goals, confidence, motivation, productivity, leadership skills — everything comes easier.

I outgrew my corporate job, shifted my marketing business to a high-performance & leadership boosting company and never looked back. I became dedicated to helping high-achievers like you reimagine their leadership journey.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you became that next-level leader without the baggage of drama, burnout and stress? And wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had teams of these purpose-driven, compassionate and confident leaders working in your organization?  

That’s what I’m here for.

To this day, I’m still the driven first-grader from back when. I’m dedicated to helping you and your team members step up into a level of leadership that’s not only efficient and productive, but lights a fire in you to become what you’re truly meant to be.

Let’s do this!

What Clients Are Saying

Learn how to boost your competitive leadership advantage quickly!

Do you want to grow as a confident leader, but not sure where to start? Successful people are highly resourceful and if you’re not using what you have, you’re falling behind.

Create detailed action steps and discover those hidden advantages to achieve higher levels of success. That’s the key to real leadership growth!

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