The work day was extremely chaotic — deadlines, rushes, caffeine-induced colleagues, phone calls and emails-by-the-second. You know, the usual day at the office. The work kept coming long after I powered down the Mac. I was glad to head to my hair appointment. I could relax, chat with a new stylist and walk out looking fab. It wasn’t until I sat in Michelle’s chair that I took a deep breath. The day had flown by and I barely had a chance to think. What in the world happened to the day? The only parts I could recall were work, deadlines, work, clients, work. But there was so much more. It was in Michelle’s cushy chair I was able to stop and think about all the wonderful highlights to be thankful for.

Today, a long-time friend confided in me looking for advice. We go way back and have a tight, trusted bond.
I’m grateful for his friendship and trust. I’m thankful for my ability to uplift someone who needs it.

Remember Cassie from my post “Good Things Coming”? She needed a little extra push in faith and I was happy to oblige her.
I appreciate her trust and positive attitude. I’m glad to share my knowledge and experiences.

I met with a colleague (who you’ll hear more about) who’s interested in going full steam ahead in improving her life.
I’m thankful for her inspiration and trust. I’m grateful for having the coaching skills to help guide her.

I appreciate my boyfriend who helped me around the house and just got me a tasty glass of cranberry juice while I write this. Yeah, he’s awesome.
I’m glad to have his love and support. I appreciate my pursuit of constant improvement in relationships.

Have you stopped lately and thought of what you’re grateful for in others and yourself? Why don’t you do it right now? You don’t need Michelle’s chair. You don’t need 45 minutes to think about it. Just run them through your head and let them bring a smile to your heart. You’ll be thankful you did.

“Rest and be thankful.” ― William Wordsworth

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