I’m writing to you from a hotel room in Milwaukee way past 1am.  Today, I chose to wake up around 6am, drive over an hour to meet my friends to jump in their car for a 7 hour drive to Milwaukee.  Rest  stops, Chicago traffic and construction added to the flavor of the adventure. The hotel arrival includes even more friends greeting us with hugs, smiles and laughs.  These folks aren’t just acquaintances, they’re people striving for positive growth in their lives who have become close friends over the years. They picture a more fulfilled, purposeful life out there.

We descended on Milwaukee because that’s where the leaders are. We’re part of an association that organized a large leadership seminar reserved for people wanting to improve their lives and the lives of others.  We want more out of life than what the status quo has in store for us if we don’t keep growing. We understand life is meant to be lived to the fullest not with feelings of settling or feeling trapped. We learn from others with successful lives in many aspects like finances, relationships, health, leadership and spirituality.

Our Friday night session focused on dream and purpose, my favorite topic. Since it’s now 1:45am and I’d prefer to be coherent tomorrow, I will make my point brief. Each speaker came from various parts of North America with different stories to tell. However, they always have laser focus when it comes to pursuing their dreams and passions. The key to their success was obvious. Constant consistency toward the pursuit of your passion and purpose =success. Many of the thousands in the arena could relate perfectly to the message while others probably sat back pondering “What in the world IS my purpose???”

As the leaders poured their hearts out and I pictured my ideal life, I was reminded that anything in life is attainable, you just have to want it bad enough. You have to wake up before sunrise to jump in a car with some friends. You have to sit through construction and later encounter strange people at rest stops. By all means, you should narrowly zip in between semis in the middle of dead-stopped Chicago traffic praying you get to the hotel in one piece. (No, I wasn’t the one driving.)

The most joyous, happiest people pursue their purpose at all costs. They do it because something inside calls them to keep going, to keep pushing. They do the necessary things, no matter what it looks like to the outside world, because it’s their dream, no one else’s.

The trip could’ve been worse. We could’ve all stayed home. We could’ve said we’re not driving that far. We could’ve made a lot of decisions against pursuing personal growth opportunities.  But we didn’t. When was the last time you took your dream pursuit a little farther? When did you take that extra crazy step closer to that goal? Have you stayed up til 2am working on those little things that lead you to your ideal life? Maybe it’s time to battle some traffic. Your dreams are worth it.


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