As a speaker...

Kristie has walked many walks and talked many talks when it comes to leadership and building communities. Your audience can take heart in knowing she’s the real deal.

When you want energy, experience AND know-how

With decades of corporate experience influencing individuals and groups, she’s described as genuine, funny and a master at energizing her audiences. She’s best known for using her strength as a visionary to transform people’s thinking. Your brain will get a workout during Kristie’s sessions and your mind will be inspired by her keynote addresses.

Kristie connects with people on an intuitive level. This is vital when teaching how to create solid leaders, improve team culture, tackle time management and stay motivated. You’ll be left with game-changing knowledge customized to your specific needs.

Are you ready for something different? Let’s do this!

Kristie’s most popular programs

3 Scoops of Leadership™: What's Your Flavor?

This half- or full-day lively workshop turns great professionals into awesome leaders. Participants learn how to become a value-based leader, create team harmony and find your personal flavor of leadership. Better leaders mean less turnover, solid customer relationships, happier employees and your best people stick around.

A Most Powerful Three Letter Word

What if you introduced just one word in your vocabulary that could eliminate excuses and ultimately change your life? What if that one word could strengthen your company’s culture for the long-term? What if something so simple could help you crush any obstacles standing in your way? You’ll learn that word in this energetic 15–30 minute keynote motivational journey.

When Leading Gets Hard

This 45 minute emotional keynote will inspire you and your audience to master a simple method to make adversity work for you—not against you. We get it. Things will be hard, but this isn’t your typical “overcome adversity” talk. You’ll learn a simple and proven method for getting through difficult times and landing on top. This is beyond taking lemons and making lemonade. This is a life changer.

Sweet words from the cool crowd

"This was definitely worth it. I’m already thinking of people who should attend this session."

Dawnyale Jones

Provider Relations Advocate

"She’s definitely living her purpose. Please keep doing it—it’ll help a lot of people."

Angela Arrington

'Discover Your Edge' participant

"I thought Kristie did a wonderful job of helping flush out those salient aspects of our lives."

David Bonner

University Professor

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